in2Era is an online library of books, plus fun and educational activities, for children from kindergarten to primary school.

The in2Era Web Service provides registered distributors with a tool to make in2Era products available to embed and purchase on their own websites.

How to get started

Note: For more detailed information on how to get started, see the Setting up your site and Implementation sections.

  1. Contact Era Publications to become a registered in2Era distributor.
  2. Prepare your website to ensure that the following functionalities are available (see Setting up your site for more information):
    • Sell Subscriptions to customers
    • Manage Users Subscriptions, renewals and levels of access
    • Utilise the in2Era Web Service Application Programming Interface (API) to display Products and Items to customers, and embed content into you website
    • Ensure all access to Products is secured using an appropriate authentication method
  3. Obtain and cache Product information and images using the Era Web Service API
  4. Use the code provided in the Implementation section to display individual Items