If you have any questions, or need help implementing the in2Era Web Service, please contact Era Publications using the informaiton below. For answers to common questions, please refer to the FAQ.

Era Publications can only provide support to distributors who are having issues related to the implementation of the service. All customer support must be handled by the distributor. Era Publications will not communicate with individual customers, only with distributors. If a problem is found to be caused by an issue with the in2Era Web Service, Era will work with the distributor's technical staff to resolve the issue.

Contact Us


All technical queries may be directed to Andrew Stanford-Bluntish at Andrew can help you with questions about setting up your site and implementing the in2Era Web Service.

Please note: we can only provide help with issues related to our service, the basic setup requirements, and the steps required to implement it. We are unable to provide support for a distributors site, or specific functionalities that are not part of the service we provide.


For any queries related to signing up, terms and conditions, distribution, contracts or any other non-technical issues, please contact Rodney Martin at


For help on other matters concerning Era Publications, in2Era, or the in2Era Web Service, please contact Era Publications at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


There are currently no technical frequently asked questions.


Can I use a Learning Management System (LMS) with in2Era Products?

The in2Era Web Service provides a way for distributors to embed in2Era Products into another website. If the LMS supports the content being embedded, there is no reason why the in2Era Web Service cannot be used to embed contend into the LMS. At this time, in2Era Products are not constructed to communicate directly with an LMS via SCORM or any other method. This is an issue with the individual Products themselves, not the in2Era Web Service.